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Friday, 16 March 2018

13 shades of white paint, which conquered designers from all over the world


First snow, sea foam, vanilla ice cream or pages from new book … How many shades of white do you know? White is as diverse as any other color. Despite the apparent simplicity, it can create completely unexpected moods in the interior. Why designers all over the world fall in love with white color? We know the answers.

White off-white

белый интерьерThere is such a concept of color as “conditionally white”. What does it mean? Every white we see is a color with a certain shade. Add a drop of blue – get a snow-white, a drop of red – it turns white with a barely noticeable pinkish shade.

If you collect all these colors together, they are strikingly different from each other. However, if each conditionally white is viewed under a certain light, in a certain setting, we see it as a familiar white.

In general, the TRIORAs palette of colors has about 80 options of conditionally white colors. There are those ones where a certain shade of color is clearly visible. In the interiors, these colors work the same way:

  • balance the overall color palette;
  • visually expand the room;
  • universally combined with any colors;
  • serve as an ideal background for contrasting compositions;

We took 13 the most popular shades from the TRIORAs palette of colors, which can be used profitable in home or office interior.палитра цветов TRIORA

  1. Perfectly white color

Only one paint can give you reflective white color – ultra-white paint by TRIORA, designed for ceilings. The snow-white effect is obtained due to ultramarines in the composition of the paint. Thanks to them, the color looks extremely white and does not tint in other shades. Using ultra-white paint by TRIORA for the ceiling is a win-win option.

All other colors are obtained due to a small amount of pigment added to the paint. Therefore, lovely colors are:

  1. White lace, OW21 1P

Light, neutral color. It looks great in any lighting. If you do not know what color to use in the decor after the repair – choose White lace. Any color combined perfectly with it.

  1. White intimacy, OW21 2P

If you look at the white intimacy on the background of a snow-white leaf, a slight pinkish tint is noticeable. It adds a little passion to completely white. That is something ideal for the bedroom. It combines with warm colors, creates a cozy atmosphere.

  1. White silence, OW22 1P

If you want a cozy bright room, this shade is ideal. Soft and airy tone looks equally good both in a dark room and in a sunny one. You can choose any color in addition to it.

  1. Pale pearl, OW22 2P

The true color of real pearls. It looks miraculously in harmony with wood, makes the interior elegant and refined. Especially elegant this color looks in semi-matt interior paint by TRIORA – the coating is obtained with a slight gloss.

  1. Swan’s wing, OW1 1P

Against the usual white, it looks slightly yellowish. However, it brightens the dark rooms well and adds warmth to the room. Very well option for bedroom or kitchen.ультрабелые цвета

  1. Snowy, OW20 1P

The softened vanilla white harmoniously fits both into the working area and into the rest rooms – living rooms, bedrooms. It combines well with stone and wood. That is why it is an excellent solution for a modern interior.

  1. Calming White, OW19 1P

That is how the clouds look in the evening hours – muffled, clean, airy, and slightly touched by the twilight. It is better to use such white in room together with warm light, supplemented with muffled, ashy tones.

  1. Eggshell, OW19 2P

White with a slightly noticeable greyish-green hue. Designers advise to apply it for walls painting, which are affected by bright sunlight. Can be combined harmoniously with dark green and gray in the interior. A good base for the classical style.

  1. Walden white, OW14 1P

This color looks quite different at different times of the day. In the midday sun, it looks snow-white, in the evening – greenish. This effect is achieved because of a slight barely noticeable olive tide. It is optimal for a house where there is a lot of wooden furniture.

  1. Bound white, OW23 1P

Cool white with a light gray-blue hue. The color refreshes the interior well, combined with a blue, green and gray palette. Choosing this color, do not forget to bring a little warm tones – orange or brown details.

  1. White wing, OW23 2P

Barely dusted white is the best choice for rooms on the sunny side. It makes the bright light softer and balance all the other colors in the room. It is better to use yellow or pure white lamps to keep the heat in the evening.

  1. A floating cloud, OW28 1P

It is the color of the cloud at dawn. Very nice fresh and cozy color. Add heat to the rooms on the north side, it fits well with a palette of warm colors.

Finally, a weighty compliment to the white interior – it is always in fashion. White color is the most favorite color of world designers not one century because of its versatility and pliability in the application.веер ультрабелых цветов

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