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Wednesday, 20 June 2018

How to decorate the interior with your own hands: five ideas


Would you like something new in the house? Is there lack of highlight in an environment? Well, it is time to create. How to decorate the interior with your own hands? Here is 5 popular and cute ideas.

  • Decor with pompoms

Декор помпонами

Soft, fluffy and cute pompons it is an excellent décor solution for the interior. Make garlands, bouquets, wreaths on the door from them, sew them on bedspreads, or make rugs and overlays on furniture. Bright and soft compositions make interior design provocative, laid-back and resting.

  • Knitwear

Вязаные изделия

This is a real find for those who has bored grandmothers or who relieve stress with the help of knitting needles. Knitted details look great in Scandinavian style, loft or Provence. Covers, pillowcases, rugs, covers for plafonds lamps are in the fashion. These handmade products create a stylish and cozy interior.

  • Tree branches

Ветки деревьев

Have you seen a circumcised dead wood? Bring a couple of branches with you. This is an excellent material for compositions creating. Branches look great in frames, and serve for wall panels or compositions with fresh flowers creating. Let’s see a few ideas in the photo.

  • Useful things from PVC pipes

Полезные вещи из ПВХ труб Полезные вещи из труб

Simple pipes can be converted into irreplaceable shelves. Pipes of small diameter are perfect for the storage of children’s toys; the larger ones can serve shoes in the hallway storage. Moreover, if you add a little imagination, you get a beautiful decorative panel on the wall.

  • We paint and picture on the walls

Why not? This is an option for those who want some noticeable changes in the interior, but do not want global repairs. The change of color on one plane can effectively update the interior design. It is enough to choose a shade harmonious for the overall design.

How to repaint a wall – watch here

If new color seems boring, then it is time to picture. The tendency of coloring with several colors using is fashionable now. You just need masking tape and paints of different shades. It is important to choose them so that colors look harmonious with the overall interior design.

More about this decor – watch here

It is not necessary to buy expensive things or hire people to change the interior design. Today, handmade products and exclusive solutions are in fashion. Try, apply and update your house.

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