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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Nine myths in design, which are worth forgetting immediately


Why do some people conceive the original solutions as errors in interior design? It is all about established rules. There were certain myths around the interiors, which usually are taken into account. The designers went around these rules and these myths were successfully busted in their works. Is it interesting? Then read.

Myth 1. Dark colors – are not for living rooms

Темные цвета – не для жилых комнат Темные цвета комнат

Even a small room can look profitable in a dark palette. The main thing is to provide good lighting and add a few mirror surfaces. Quality light manages any color. Do not forget about bright contrasts.

Myth 2. White is a color for hospitals

Белый цвет – больничный Белый цвет

Do not be so categorical. If you use original textures and shade the color with dark contrast elements, white looks great in the living room. Remember the Scandinavian style. Beautiful and fresh, is not it? Use interesting shades of white – and your house will look very cozy.

Myth 3. Tile only for places with water

Плитка только там, где есть вода Плитка в интерьере

Yes, we all believe that the tile in the bathroom and the kitchen is the ideal solution for wall finishing. Why not to use it in other rooms? Do you think it is cold and uncomfortable? By no means! Right selected color and pattern of tiles makes the interior design both cozy and original. In addition, you can always choose a tile with a loose matte texture. Visually, it seems warmer than gloss one.

Myth 4. Make the kid’s room bright

Делаем детскую яркой Яркая детская

Stop! Do not you think there are too many bright colors for your child? Psychologists say that children are very susceptible to colors. It is better not to disturb the kids with iridescent combinations in large volumes. Use light shades. They do not distract the child. By the way, toys certainly add bright colors to the kid’s room.

Myth 5. Same furniture

Одинаковая мебель похожая мебель

It is believed that all the furniture should be exclusively of the same color and model. Of course, this is a classic, but it is not necessarily to remember all the time. Now designers actively practice chairs of different models or different colors. It looks effective and very organic.

Myth 6. Everything should be combined well

Все должно сочетаться сочетание

To choose a single color, shape and style. In fact, it is too conservative and uninteresting. This interior does not stand out. It is not memorable. If you really want something of your own and unusual, apply in an environment one single accent, which is strikingly distinguished from the general background. For example, a bright armchair in a light room.

Myth 7. Pictures – only on the walls

Картины – только на стенахКартины на стенах

Leave this belief in the past. Even in the galleries, the pictures are placed just on the floor. So put the picture where you like and want. Unusual solutions in the arrangement of the decor make the interior individual.

Myth 8. Only one print

Только один принт принт

This taboo in the design is already outdated. Today, you can successfully use strips and peas, flowers and a cage in one room. It is important not to variegate, but to make original compositions. If you are afraid to miss, use different prints in small details.

Myth 9. There are no chandeliers in the bathroom!

Никаких люстр в ванной! люстра в ванной Никаких люстр в ванной1

Why not? Spotlights and single plafonds are also susceptible to moisture, like a chandelier. A beautiful ceiling lamp will make you to look at the bathroom quite differently, making it a real place for resting and relaxation.

Down with the myths! Live in an original way and create without restrictions. The experience of designers confirms – everything is possible with inspiration.

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