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Wednesday, 20 December 2017

What did designers prepare for ceilings in 2018?


Yes, the ceiling is not the last wall in our house. With the help of the right design, the ceilings transform the room, emphasize the style. That is why designers are creative in ceilings decoration and come up with new solutions. We are sure you will like the ceilings trends of 2018. Our article today is about them.

What kind of materials is going to be popular in 2018?

Какие материалы будут популярны в 2018 годуTraditional methods of decoration, and new technical solutions are used actively. You can use the next materials for ceilings:

  • Paint;
  • Liquid wallpaper;
  • Wood;
  • Drywall;
  • The cloth;
  • Vinyl cover-up;
  • Cassette systems.

In addition, you can add more unusual materials such as a mirror and glass.

As for the design, designers use non-standard color solutions, volumetric images. In many interior projects, the point of attraction is shifted from the walls to the ceiling.

What unusual can be done?

Что можно сделать необычного

    1. Smooth surface. The constructions in the new year are becoming laconic. Two low levels – it is the maximum of acceptable. At the same time, they must be used to the best effects.
    2. Monochrome. It looks good both in a small apartment, and in a spacious house. If one color seems boring, choose a glossy covering. It adds chic to the interior.
    3. Texture surfaces combination. Gloss and relief slabs, ground glass with mirror areas, wooden panels on a light background – all these combinations attract attention to the ceiling immediately. It is important to consider: try to use more glossy coatings in rooms with low ceilings. It visually adds heights.
    4. 3D wallpaper. Are monochrome coatings boring for you? A voluminous figure on the ceiling creates a new reality in the house. Space, spring sky, tree crowns or the ocean – choose your unusual solution.
    5. Wall in the ceiling. For example, one of the walls is trimmed with wood, and the ceiling is made similarly. Or you can paint the wall and the ceiling in one color. There are lots of options. And by the way, this method visually raises the room.

And finally, a few rules of ceilings decoration.

  1. A little bite of shining. If you want a glossy ceiling, take care about the matte walls. The abundance of gloss steals home comfort from the room, but one iridescent surface gives elegance and beauty.
  2. Does too high ceiling seem uncomfortable? Use unusual way of ceiling décor – dark cover on the ceiling with light walls. It is work. If desired, you can lower the stretch ceiling to the desired level.
  3. If your room has low ceilings, choose light colors and necessarily a flat chandelier for decoration. You can also raise ceiling effectively with the help of using mirrored panels.несколько правил оформления потолков

It has been well said that the ceiling is the 5th wall. In many styles, for example, in a loft, a shabby, ceilings are an indispensable part of the design and it is important to perform them in accordance with the rules of design. Use all the resources of your home in the design. A stylish and beautiful ceiling will be the final part of the whole interior design.

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