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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

What awaits the interior in 2018: news, trends, features


New Year – is a new fashion in the interior design. What will the year of the yellow dog bring to us? Will it change our favorite colors and styles? What the new products from Europe do designers expect for? Read answers below.

It is all about color

Все дело в цветеThe colors dictate the mood and set the tone for the interior. Fresh light colors were popular last year, but in 2018, the interior world will be brighter and more saturated. Designers assure that people are tired of the calm pastel monotony; they are striving for new impressions and emotions. The color leaders in the New Year are:

  • Bright shades of blue: indigo, sea blue-green, gray-blue, dark-blue, and ink colors – all these will be in the trend in the new season;
  • Green. Saturated shades of vegetables and greens, rich emerald and life-filled green tones of nature are urgent;
  • Red. Rust color, terracotta and berry red at the peak of popularity.

In addition, gray, black, pink, orange, yellow, violet are also fashionable and could be added to the list of top colors in the interiors of the New Year. These colors open in new, not familiar shades. If earlier black is a dramatic background, now it is turned out as a color of calm stability. Dusty light pink is used not only in the rooms for small girls, but also in the living rooms.

Bright colors enter the interiors much more boldly: not only in detail, but also as the main color of the walls. Along with them, white color and beloved beige are also relevant. In addition, interiors will be use metallic, mother of pearl and shiny surfaces actively.

Looking for style

Ищем стильDesigners predict that the new interiors will be a little bold, brave, personifying the activity and rich rhythm of life. The Art Deco style, which came a long time from America, embodies this all.

Let’s see the main features of this style:

  • Bright colors;
  • Expensive materials;
  • Combination of different styles and forms;
  • Vintage items;
  • Exotic details.

Art Deco appeared between two world wars, became a kind of challenge to disloyalty, when people sought to live and enjoy every day. Obviously, now is the time to recharge the positive energy of their interiors.

Important details

Let’s dwell on some key details of the interiors of the coming season.

  1. Monophonic soft furniture of bright colors, with upholstery made of velvet and velour, with low backs and sloping seats will be fashionable;
  2. In the New Year, it is better to stay on the mobile modular headsets. The easier the design and the easier it is to move, the better is the interior.
  3. Yellow metal is in the trend. Use brass, copper and gold in finishing.
  4. Graphic elements, geometric shapes fit for the décor.
  5. Lightweight mobile partitions will act as the fashionable elements of the room in 2018. Fabric floor curtains, wicker wooden partitions or even just concrete blocks – all the original solutions are in fashion.

The interiors of the next year welcome minimalism and simplicity, but along with this, details, colors will be more difficult, the materials will be richer. This modern respectability is designed to please and fill the world with emotions, bring a sense of adventure and victories to the house.

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