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Monday, 18 December 2017

New Year Handmade Décor


Christmas tree markets are opened; green beauties are already adorned in all areas of the country, so it is time to dress up your house for the New Year holidays. Let’s try to create something extraordinary with our own hands. We do not want the scenery repeats from year to year, right?

New Year’s ideas

  • Съедобная елочкаEdible Christmas tree. The naturalness of the interiors is in the trend. You can play with this card and decorate the Christmas tree not with the usual balls, but with fruits and sweets. How to hang them on? Do not forget to prepare a hole for the tape in gingerbreads before baking. Apples can be placed simply on branches or tie a lace to a tail; sweets can be tied easily with the help of ribbon for a wrapper. You cannot avoid an exclusive garland of orange peels. Cut out the figures using cookie cutters and string them on a ribbon or twine. Here is a delicious Christmas tree for you.
  • Шерстяные гирляндыWool garlands. Are you tired of icicles and beads? Garland of tangles looks very nice. Take a few skeins of colored threads and weave many balls of the same size. String the balls with a gypsy needle on a tight shiny cord – and the decoration is ready.
  • Чехольчики для чашекThis idea is perfect for those one, who like knitting. Little covers for cutlery, “scarves” for bottles with drinks and knitted napkins under the plates can create a real winter atmosphere.
  • How does the holiday smell? Of course, you can buy an orange flavor, but you can get much more pleasant flavor with the help of real fruits. Stick a dry carnation into a skin of an orange. You can add a couple of cinnamon sticks and put it all on fir twigs. A little bit of gold powder or snow on the fir – and a super favorable composition is ready.
  • Пробковый венокCork wreath. For some reason, we are all used to the fact that festive wreaths on the door are made of spruce. Try to go another way – glue the plugs from the wine on cardboard, add bright beads, toys or anything else you want. Funny wreath can be hung on the door.
  • Праздничные рамкиFestive frames. Different figures are collected from thin wooden panels. Triangles are Christmas trees, and squares and rhombuses are for additional ornaments. The frames could be painted with colored paint. Pull the threads and put on any decorations inside the frames. You get excellent wall and desktop compositions.

Three useful tips

  1. The color of Christmas decorations should be in harmony with the overall range of the interior. The golden, red balls look more harmonious in the room of warm tones. Silver and blue colors are better for cold rooms.
  2. Abundance of light. Try to replace the traditional lighting with New Year garlands. The more garlands in the room, the more fabulous the atmosphere is. In the body of a toy lorry, in a three-liter jar, together with balls, on a wall in the form of a Christmas tree or as a suspended garland under the ceiling – place them in unusual places and enjoy.
  3. More delicious. Astrologers say that the mistress of the next year is a dog, and it is like to eat very much. Use a lot of edible jewelry in the house if you want the New Year are accompanied by luck and income. At least a vase with candy in each room.

They say that you spend the year the way you meet it. Surround yourself with beautiful things, create a fairy tale in the house and then the 2018th will not disappoint you.Декор к Новому году

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