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Friday, 13 July 2018

Wooden Furniture in Modern Interior


Do you have wooden furniture in your house? New season trends offer us to abandon plastic and glass and use time proved material. The style, which is consonant with the modern rhythm of life is in the priority among furniture designers and manufacturers. How trendy furniture of the season look like? What kind of wood s in fashion? Let’s see in this article.

How the wooden furniture in the interior should looks like?

деревянная мебель в интерьере

Monolete commode, carved legs and complex patterns on the backs of chairs are all antonyms of еру modern furniture. They also include bright colors and sharp combinations. New furniture meets seven key principles.

  1. Eco-style. As simple and ecological as possible – these are the basic requirements for furniture. Such models perfectly complement such styles as Loft, Provence, Scandinavian, and minimalism. Everything you need for modern interiors.
  2. Maximum ease. Details bunching is not needed anymore. The furniture should be simple and elegant. Interesting design solutions add originality.
  3. Minimum processing. Even a simple stump covered with the help of acrylic lacquer by TRIORA is already a furniture masterpiece. Alive, unpolished wood is welcomed.
  4. Geometric shapes. Simple and understandable – there are the main principles in the modern furniture creation.
  5. Minimum of details. Without extra hardware, but convenient. That is all, what is required from wooden furniture today. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to create a solid table on three legs – it is only a plus.
  6. Wood + metal. It is the most hit combination in the modern interior. It looks the most harmonious way and is very practical in everyday life.
  7. With its help, furniture models become more expressive and unusual, acquire character. A good way to turn simplicity into an advantage.

Now about the color palette of modern wooden furniture. Dark, rich shades of wood are the most popular. Delicate caramel colors and white wood are behind them. Choose the furniture color according to the general style of the house. It should be a contrasting element that emphasizes and complements the color of the walls. For example, against the backdrop of the cold blue walls, light furniture looks beautiful, and dark brown color furniture favorably emphasizes warm peach tones of walls.

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How to paint wooden furniture at home?

Как покрасить деревянную мебель в домашних условиях?

Beautiful furniture does not need to be expensive. Sometimes it is enough to spend a little time and effort to decorate the product way you like. Acrylic based materials are the most optimal solution. They do not have disagreeable odor, are harmless, dry quickly and create durable coatings. Experts recommend processing new wooden furniture in several steps.

The first step is the surface priming. Wood protective primer by TRIORA deeply impregnates wood, protects it against moisture, blue, rot and mold appearance.

The next step is decorative coating creating. How to paint wooden furniture in the desired color? Use the lazure for wood by TRIORA. It gives an exquisite shade to the wood and at the same time preserve the natural pattern on the cut. With lazure, the surface acquires a pronounced pattern and looks richer.

Well, if you want to preserve the natural color of the wood, then use the transparent lacquer by TRIORA. It creates a glossy, colorless coating.

Wooden furniture is comfortable in everyday life, beautiful, environmentally safe and reliable in the service. Wooden products serve for decades and completely justify the invested means. Undoubtedly, this trend is worth your attention.

Деревянная мебель

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