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Friday, 15 June 2018

Interior details: cobalt blue


Cobalt blue is the color on the border between indigo and the classical shade. It is expressive, deep, emotional and very self-sufficient. It is necessary to inscribe cobalt tones in interior design carefully. Then the house will acquire a juicy unique feature. Would you like some cobalt? Read how it is better to apply it.

How to make friends with color?

Насыщенный синийSaturated blue in reasonable doses soothingly affects the psyche, helps to relax and concentrate. However, with an abundance of color, the opposite reaction can occur – a feeling of depression and irritability. Therefore, picking the right combination, you can create an advantageous color palette that carries the energy and mood you need.

What colors to combine cobalt blue in the interior with?

  • The best combination is cobalt and white. Colors magnificently emphasize each other, create an elegant combination, a reasonable balance of dynamics and rest is obtained in the room. The easiest formula for a spectacular interior is a white background and blue details. If you do not like pure white, you can apply cream or beige tones.
  • The second combination: blue with different shades of brown. Look, if there is furniture made of wood in the house, cobalt in the interior is appropriate.
  • The blue-gray combination is also popular. But here it is worth considering that both tones are cold. That is why it is better to add details to the interior of a warm color, such as gold.
  • The perfect solution for bright compositions: a combination of blue with yellow, orange, red colors. Important point: all this juicy combination must be balanced with white color.

How to use blue in details?

We have many interesting options. It is enough just to adhere to the right combinations and avoid variegation. Here are five the most popular and proven techniques with cobalt blue:

  1. It can be complemented well with the same color plinth on the background of the white ceiling and a few flashy details at the bottom – vases, an armchair or a coffee table. Choose what you love most.
  2. Cushioned furniture. Looks great in the interior of any style, does not require color repetition. The main thing here is the light walls for the background.
  3. Cobalt ornament on a white background. Dishes, bedspreads, curtains – you can use the ornament on several elements and even different drawings. The main thing is that the shade of blue coincides and favorably shade with other colors.
  4. For hot summer days, blue curtains, bedspreads and a pair of pillows are very handy. In addition, on the sunny side, this deep color will be relevant in the winter.
  5. It is a bold and spectacular solution for the interior, based on light colors. You can repeat the color of the door in the floorboards or go the simpler way and add some blue elements to the window design. Curtains or louvre-boards can help.

It is not difficult to work with small blue details. However, large-scale applications of color in the interior such as an accent wall, floor or ceiling, require a more scrupulous approach. Be sure to surround the blue zone with light colors, add warm elements, and refrain from too bright additional ones.

кобальтовый синий кобальтовый синий в интерьере синий в интерьере

Look how impressively a cobalt blue accent in the interior looks like on the photo. One of these ideas will certainly suit your interior. Use this color for yourself. It adds to the interior the emotion of reliability, peace, motivates to self-development and a pleasant pastime.

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