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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

The Boiserie Effect. What it is and how to make it with your own hand?


Are you looking for something new for your interior? Try the Boiserie effect. This is something what the French aristoi was proud of in their homes and something what is used advantageously in the decor today. Everything about the BOISERIE and the ways of its using will be told right now.

Bonjour, boiserie!

Bonjour, buiseri!Boiserie in French means “wood paneling”. In fact, it is carved wooden panels, which were used for wall finishing in the houses. This method of decoration was very popular in the apartment of the nobility. A beautiful processed wood added luxury and the breed emphasized the status of the owners.

Is the Boiserie suitable in the modern interior?

Yes! Today, designers have simplified multi-level patterns to more concise shapes with a geometric pattern. The pattern on the panels is often emphasized with the help of color or gloss. They look particularly good in classical and transitional styles.

What are the advantages of the Boiserie effect?


  • The wood using the walls decoration is fashionable now;
  • Wooden panels insulate the walls.
  • You can hide any irregularities and flaws of the wall.
  • The effect is easy to perform, making repair with your own hand;

Panels are good for using in spacious rooms. If you choose such a finish for houses of small dimensions, take care that the panels are thin and did not take away the precious area. Better yet, simulate Boiserie on the walls.

How to create the boiserie effect with your own hands?

  • Let’s start with the basic one – making boards from the natural wood. To create a decorative panel, you need a wooden slab, as well as overhead strips or moldings. Degrease the plate and paste moldings on it, creating a frame or any interesting pattern for you.

While the plates dry up, pick up the material for finishing. We recommend using lazure by TRIORA. It gives the wood a beautiful deep shade and emphasizes the pattern. You can choose from a palette of light or dark colors or pleasant yellow shades. Even if you bought a simple white pine for the Boiserie, the lazure adds wood chic and high prices.

  • Simulate the effect with the help of the paint. This method is better and more profitable to apply zonal, to make an accent on a part of the wall. It will take two materials – interior paint and lazure for wooden surfaces by TRIORA. The first acts as the main layer, and with the help of lazure and a special spatula the texture of the wood is created on the wall. Painting materials should be contrasting in color, so that the texture is viewed better. If you want a bit of chic – instead of lazure, apply a shiny TOP-lazure by TRIORA. The surface acquires pearlescent pattern.
  • Boiserie simulation with the help of the photo wallpapers. The easiest way of the quickly and effectively repair. Paste the wall with wallpaper, and use wooden panels or styrofoam baguettes to create frames and patterns. It is better to paint them in advance. Use the same lazure by TRIORA or paint for baguettes of the close to the wood colors.

Are you not ready for global repair work in the house? Try applying the effect on the front of the cabinet. This is a great way to update the outdated furniture and diversify the interior.

Another option is to “try on” the effect – to make several “pictures” of wooden slabs. Place the plates in frames and hang them against the background of a solid wall. Voila!

Boiserie is a beautiful and exquisite effect, which can help you to give the walls a special comfort, add elegance to the house. Try it. Perhaps this is something what is missing in your home.

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