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Monday, 26 February 2018

Freakebana: wild flower trend, which must be in the interior of 2018


If you think that the interior has become too boring and beaten, use new trends in it. Add just one unusual detail and your house looks completely different. Please welcome, wild flower trend of 2018, you definitely have to use – FREAKEBANA.

What is the trend?

The name of the trend came from the two words such as “freak” and “ikebana”. How you know, freak is something extremely unusual.  In fact, Freakebana is an updated version of flower ikebana, evolved into a bouquet of atypical ingredients. Many florists have long been creating bouquets of fruits, vegetables and sweets. Today, these decorative elements have become even bolder and ready for using in the interiors.

What is the peculiarity of the Freakebana?

фрикебана 1фрикебана

The main zest of the Freakebana is the combination of seemingly incompatible elements. For example, a plant in pate, a clock in citrus or hair curlers in flowers. The boldness of the Freakebana composition is the reminiscent of children’s creativity or surreal scenery from the “Alice in Wonderland”. Despite its eccentricity, many of these compositions due to their constituents can live no more than a few hours.

Freakebana is characterized by:

  • a combination of plant and artificial elements;
  • using of food products;
  • using of perishable products;

Despite all the courage of the compositions, the creators of the Freakebana adhere to certain design canons. For example, it is not recommended to use many details in one composition. The abundance of elements can turn any craft into a bad taste. Having decided to create beauty from obviously ugly combinations, do not overdo it, and choose just four or five effective details.

Основное внимание во фрикебанах рекомендуют уделитьIt is recommended to pay attention to:

  • the idea of ​​composition;
  • the form;
  • the colors;

Pay attention to the fact that there is a harmony of colors and textures in your exotic chaos. Try on the simple things that we use every day. For example, fold oranges into a knitted cap and place a bird figurine there or insert a cutlery into the head of cabbage – Freakebana welcomes any decisions.

What to choose Freakebana for?

Unconventionality is their main feature. Art connoisseurs confidently took Freakebana to the avant-garde direction. Do you dream to surprise with your creative decisions? Do you want to change the habitual to the unique? Freakebana will help you, unconditionally. Be courageous, the wild trend at the peak of popularity now.

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