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Monday, 12 March 2018

How to create unique interior of the bedroom – the ideas of Ukrainian designers


Sometimes people think that huge apartments in fashionable areas are necessary for a unique design of a room. In fact, the whole secret is in ideas and fantasies. We examined the unique interiors of the bedrooms on the example of the works of Ukrainian designers. All of them are made in ordinary Ukrainian houses – in houses from the last century and in new buildings, in private houses and in multistory ones. Please welcome, something that, perhaps, can help you to create your own unique design.

Five Simple and Amazing Projects

1 – The “Riba house” project is the work of the SVOYA studios’ designers from the Dnipro city. They realized the project in their own city in private apartments. The interior based on Scandinavian style, with the predominance of natural materials and light natural colors. The emphasis is on the comfortable contrasts of white and blue colors. Wood shades adds the coziness to the bedroom. There is also a wood in the finish. From the original ornaments, there are lamps in the form of animals’ silhouettes and simple industrial racks.


2 – The project of the SVOYA studio “Ekaterininka” in the historical construction of the Dnipro city also worth attention. In this house in the park zone, the ceiling height is more than 4 meters! How to make these rooms cozier? Designers designed luxurious wooden ceilings, expanded the space with the help of white color and made bright details. It was principally to combine the interior of the house with the external architecture in the work.


3 – Another original project is a bachelor bedroom in a new building in Kiev. The order was executed by studio of designer Sergey Makhno. The task is to recreate the loft in a modern new building. Here, the traditions of style were kept – concrete bare walls, a floor made of wood, huge windows. A carpet with imitations of scuffs and lamps on the wall – the personal highlight of the interior. Lamps resemble frozen metal droplets and emphasize their belonging to the loft style. Softness was added with the help of a couch.


4 – The unusual bedroom of a young family in the Kiev new building. It is the result of the work of the design studio YoDezeen. The uniqueness of the interior is in the materials and textures aggregate. There is marble, wood, metal and leather. The color palette is sustained in chic saturated colors. The emphasis is on luxury and comfort. In this apartment, the bedroom is combined with a bathroom for more convenience. By the way, such a trend can be traced today in many modern interiors.


5 – The bedroom from the “White Loft” project in Kiev is a project of the FORM design studio. White is everywhere in high esteem. In the bedroom, it is tinted well by black and gray. Girls from the studio filled the room with exquisite stylish things of complex different shapes. Due to the variety of textures and shades, the bedroom looks incredibly rich and interesting.


As you can see, nothing can limit the imagination of designers. Think, consult, create – and your home will be inimitable.

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