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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

What color is your mood?


Have you bought red apples? You strive to act and go forward. Did you wear a gray sweater? You need some rest and peace. The color is a litmus test of your mood. The color you like now, speaks about the internal state. Are you ready to pass the color test and find out what you are missing most of all? Then let’s begin.

Choose the color you like most.

Какого цвета ваше настроение?

All the colors of the test are divided into three groups.

  • The colors of positive emotions. These include red, orange, and yellow;
  • The colors of peace and tranquility. Blue, green, purple;
  • The colors of detachment. White, gray, black;

Now let’s talk more about your mood and see, how these colors can help you in the interior.


Red says that you are full of strength, energy and determination, ready to work and conquer the peaks. Hold on your ardor! Excessive activity leads to the rapid fatigue.

If you have a red mood, it is better to use more calm colors from the group 2 or 3 for your interior design. The fact is that when you stay in a red room for a long time, you can feel fatigue and irritability. Therefore, the palette of red is better to use in places you do not spent a lot of time.


You are in a great mood! You are full of optimism; you are charging with the positive all the surrounding people. A good reason to do interesting things. What about a new design at home?

By the way, orange here comes in handy. It gives a sense of well-being and peace, invigorates and awakens to action, makes people open-minded. This color can help you to maintain a wonderful mood for a long time.


Did you choose yellow? You are open for new knowledge. It is time to enroll the courses or find some interesting literature.

You can safely use yellow in the interior design. It perfectly influences the work of the brain, improves memory, and promotes the development of creative principles. Despite its activity, the color does not tire. On the contrary – it constantly feeds.


Those one, who have chosen the green color overestimate their lives and views. It does not evident as outward quality, but there is a real revolution inside. Perhaps you are on the threshold of the important changes. The main thing is not to get excited.

Green in the interior design can help. It calms, relieves tension, helps to forget the anxiety, creates a good atmosphere in the house, motivates for development, improving the quality of life.


Blue indicates that you have achieved inner harmony. Everything stands in its own place. Life is comfortable and successful.

In the environment, blue helps to think positively and freely, relieves feelings of tension, anger. In a blue room a person thinks better, distracts from the bustle.


If you like purple, then the creative principle requires its realization. Do what you want most of all and enjoy your masterpieces.

In the interiors, purple also helps to realize talents, inspires for new beginnings, and promotes fruitful work. In addition, it increases intuition.


If you chose this color, then you are tired of the current state, you need changes. Perhaps it is the mood of one day, and maybe it is time to change something in life, really.

In the interior, white keeps the mood of a person in a state of perfect balance – peace and confidence, thirst for activity and lack of fears, good performance.


You need a little bit of loneliness and peace. Too many events have occurred you need to rest from.

Can I surround myself with black in the interior? – Yes. It is cold, does not express any energy, and practically does not affect the emotional state of a person, thereby helping to relax. Like white, it serves as a stabilizer for other colors.


Something bothers and worries you. The glow of personal emotions, work overloading, preparation for something important. You just need to find peace and stability, so that everything gets better.

Gray interior helps to calm down. In such premises, people think logically, impartially and coldly. It is good to use this color for workplaces – nothing superfluous.

Our ancestors check the strength of color. You cannot doubt – correctly chosen colors complement or correct the mood, really work for you, improving your state of mind and inspiring you for something new.

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