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Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Who follows your taste: trend watching?


For someone, this is a favorite activity at a free moment, and someone applies it as a way of earning money. Who the trend watchers are? How to become a trend hatcher? How to use this in your life profitably? We will try to answer these questions.

Who is looking for trends?

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There are special world companies, bureaus, institutes that analyze demand and track trends. Their employees are called trendsetters. These are real detectives of fashion trends. They track and implement innovations first, then offering them to others.

How the fashionable trends born?

Through a long and careful analysis. To identify what will be relevant in the near future experts take into account the political, economic situation, novelties of culture and art, the latest artistic discoveries and general moods in society.

As an example – the laboratory of Pantone color, which annually dictates the most fashionable colors of the coming season, and along with them trends in the world of fashion and design.

In addition to Pantone, there are agencies that develop trends in furniture, cars, food and even lifestyle and recreation. All their discoveries agency employees give out to consumers in the form of trend-books – large catalogs with forecasts for the future.

How to work with trends in the interior?

It is simple – you have visual guides on fashionable colors, drawings, compositions and styles. If you want to make repairs, fashionable now and relevant for a long time, be sure to analyze all the information from the work of the agencies. If something is repeating for the few years, perhaps this trend will change soon and it worth to be more careful with it. As a rule, the interior fashion lives on average 5 years.

тренлы в интерьереWhat have to be considered, applying trends in the interior?

  • The presented new trends can be subjective. Trendsetters are people also so sometimes their personal tastes and preferences influence their choice. The predicted trends are not a dogma, but a proposal. Choose those that are convenient for you or your customers.
  • Consider mentality and habits. No matter how popular an alien culture is, the national tastes influence the tastes of the people. What the world experts collect is the result of the research of many countries. Take what is close to our locality.
  • Analyze whether the proposed model is appropriate in your case. For example, there are interior styles that look good in hot countries and are inappropriate in our latitudes. Adapt the trends to their place of application.
  • Size matters. Example: a large geometric pattern is in fashion. In small rooms, it looks ridiculous. What do you do? Either leave the geometry, but choose a smaller drawing, or at all refuse in favor of a monochromatic one. As a rule, experts select a variety of trends.

Trend watching is a useful assistant in creating a spectacular and contemporary interior. It is important to remember that all trends are flexible, subject to refinement and adaptation to a specific place and conditions. Playing by the rules with the trends, you implement them in the interior successfully.

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