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Monday, 6 November 2017

Upholstered furniture as an indispensable element of interior design


Upholstered furniture is the most important element in an original interior creating. Even though the choice of furniture seems to be simple and enjoyable thing to do, in practice the result does not always meet expectations. How to avoid mistakes and make furniture with an interior as one unit? We suggest learning everything in the tips from the designers.

Three rules for furniture choosing

  1. правила выбора мебелиFurniture for the interior must be selected at the end of the line. No matter how much you want to buy a sofa. Do not rush! Completed repair shows a full picture of colors and textures, and all missing things will become clear. You will also understand where upholstered furniture must be arranged and how it must look.
  2. Matching sizes of furniture and rooms. Be sure to select furniture that fits the dimensions of the room. A small room – compact furniture, large one- you can afford a spacious sofa.
  3. Combination of styles. Sometimes beautiful upholstered furniture is lost and looks unharmoniously in the overall picture. Therefore, there is a strict rule: furniture must meet the general style. The exception is the styles that revolt against the rules: kitsch, pop art, expressionism.

How to make furniture a highlight of design?

  • Furniture as a leading element. This move is successful for rooms of minimalist and restrained design. The most advantageous is modern soft furniture with bright upholstery, three-dimensional stitched details. Against the background of strict walls, such furniture sets style and mood. In addition, it is practical – with furniture changing, the style of the room also changes.
  • Unordinary composition. Often, we buy a set of upholstered furniture, where the armchairs and the sofa are made in one upholstery and design. Designers recommend moving away from the bored and choosing a sofa and chairs of the same style, but different models. You can order upholstery from one fabric, but different colors. Sofa-transformer is an interesting modern solution, which can be disassembled into armchairs and ottomans. Such sets give an eccentricity to the interior.
  • Accessories for furniture. To emphasize the upholstered furniture, it is necessary to supplement it with a rug, pillows, a table or even an outdoor lamp. A pair of combined objects helps to make the stylistic composition complete.

Variations with furniture open great spaces for the embodiment of extraordinary interior ideas. Furniture – is an indispensable assistant in the room decorating and zoning. It is a way of expressing the individual preferences of the tenants. With its help, you can literally transform your house. Do not forget about simple rules, and furniture will become a truly indispensable part of interior design.

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