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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Unusual using of usual materials: structural plasters for kitchens


What is the traditional view of the kitchen interior design? There is a tile in the area of the working table, and wallpapers or interior paint on the other walls. Maybe, it is time to depart from traditional decisions and to apply unusual materials in the kitchen. Let’s see how interesting the structural plaster using is.

What kind of material the structural plaster is?

This material for repair works, which combines the decorative and protective properties. Structural materials are applied to the wall in a thick layer, form a dense coating, due to the grains in the composition create any three-dimensional pattern. There are two types of such materials in the range of TRIORA:

структурные штукатурки

Four advantages of structural plasters:

  1. Does not require the surface preparation. It is enough to fill in large defects and apply a quartz primer. Due to the thick layer of material and the pattern, small flaws are not be visible.
  2. Structural plasters are designed for using in conditions of aggressive exploitation; they are resistant to external mechanical influences: scratches, chips.
  3. Help to create an exclusive original accent without complex work.
  4. Can be colored in any color from the facade paints by TRIORA palette or painted in any shade after application. There is always the opportunity to change the boring color.

How to use structural plasters in the kitchen?

The difference and zest of this coating is that it produces a three-dimensional pattern. The picture on the plaster is created already when it is applied to the wall. Thus, for a single turn, you get both finishing and unusual decor.

Structural plasters look great in many interior styles. Organically fit the Provence and the loft style, dilute the severity of minimalism. The white surface is good for a discreet interior. The tinted plaster looks more expressive, more saturated. Best of all drawing is viewed on a monophonic surface. As for color combinations, the main thing is to choose harmonious colors. See how to apply structural plasters in the kitchen in the photo and complement them with your ideas.

структурные штукатурки на кухне структурные штукатурки

Our video can help you to create a beautiful pattern.

Useful advice: structural plaster creates a relief surface, and there is a risk of accidentally staining the wall with fat in the kitchen. Therefore, professional masters recommend coating it with acrylic lacquer by TRIORA after drying the plaster. It creates a dense, smooth layer that protects the surface from deep dirt and simplifies washing. If you want to give a decorative effect, then cover the walls with the TOP-Lazure by TRIORA. It gives the surface a beautiful pearly gloss and provides additional protection.

Look how the structural surfaces are treated with the help of acrylic lacquer.

Structural plasters are a simple, practical and beautiful solution for the kitchen interiors. They provide quality coverage for many years, which can be repainted easily. It allows you to upgrade the interior easily any time you want.

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