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Thursday, 30 November 2017

New Trend: flowers in the interior. How and where to apply it?


More nature! New interesting trend brings that massage to our interior. Please welcome – the flowers! Do you want your own flower garden? Let’s see what designers advise.

Where do flowers grow?

Искусственные цветы или декоративные элементы в виде цветов Живые цветы Обои с цветочными мотивами

There are three popular ways of decorating with flowers

  1. Wallpapers with floral motifs;
  2. Natural flowers;
  3. Artificial flowers or decorative elements in the form of flowers.

Why did flowers get such success in the interior fashion? Modern designers with great taste and sophistication revived this theme. On the wallpaper, the flowers look very natural, there is no place for superfluous patterns and golden curls, and the natural beauty of the buds is preserved. Artificial plants have come in a new, unexpected form. Natural flowers do not require explanation at all. Those one, who is unindifferent to plants, yield to charisma and beauty of nature.

In addition, it is a rational move to decorate the house with flowers. If the picture gets bored or out of fashion, the decorated wall can easily be re-glued, artificial flowers can be moved to the pantry until better times, and the flowers in the vases are always in trend.

How to use flowers in the interior?

Как использовать цветы в интерьере

  1. Wallpaper. It is the most appropriate decision to decorate one of the walls with plants. Large pattern with huge buds or flowers is a perfect idea. A large closed-up image of a flower with a monophonic dark background is fashionable also. The more real the flower, the better interior looks.
  2. Pictures. If you do not want to glue the wallpaper, get some pictures with an image of flowers. That is the same principle – large flower on a bright noticeable background.
  3. Potted plants. Plants could be situated not only on the windowsills, but also on shelves, wall shelves, in the countertops of furniture and even attached to the ceiling pots. Try to select one of the walls to create an apartment with flower garden. With the help of unusual vases and beautiful flowering plants, you can get a great composition.
  4. Nature flowers. With the nature flowers, you can create the most incredible scenery as with the indoor plants. Vases in the frame on the wall, large and small – use everything you want. The more flowers the better. Ladies exult!
  5. Artificial flowers. Today it is not just an imitation of a real plant, but an independent design element. Artificial flowers are made of felt metal, wood. In addition, if the naturalness is essential with wallpaper, the fantastic is important in this case.

What flowers are in vogue? The choice is considerable, everyone can pick up a flower to taste. You can use roses, lilies, peonies, hydrangeas, chrysanthemums. Large leaves of tropical plants are also popular.

One of the significant advantages of floral decorations is that they fit perfectly into any interior. Wallpaper with painted flowers are good for the classics; laconic picture with a large flower is better for minimalism. Choose what you like, decorate the house and enjoy the luxury of summer gardens in the cold winter. Let the unusual trend become the highlight of your house.

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