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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Low ceiling: the problem or cause of the original repair?


Do you think the low ceiling is a problem part of the house? It is not worth it. There are many ways to raise the ceiling and expand the horizons of your apartment. We offer ten uncomplicated secrets of reincarnation of low ceilings.

Games with color

  1. Глянцевое покрытиеGlossy coating. The simplest and most effective way to raise the ceiling is to make it glossy. Gloss perfectly reflects light, visually expands the space. A stretch ceiling with a gloss surface is suitable.
  2. Стены и потолок одного цветаWalls and ceiling of the same color. The color that smoothly passes from the wall to the ceiling visually elevates the room. Important: the ceiling curb also should not be allocated. If you are afraid that the one-color interior will look boring, apply the fashionable hombre technique with the transition of colors. Do the bottom part of the walls in more saturated shades, and make the top one light. Choose semi-matt interior paint by TRIORA. It gives a beautiful shine and emphasize your elegant composition.
  3. Вертикальные полосыVertical stripes. A long and always effective technique for adding height to walls. It is worth to remember that it works only if the stripes are thin, there are few (not too bright) colors. Wide color strips can visually understate the room.
  4. Diagonal on the wall. The line that leads upwards visually increases the space. It would be great if a part of the wall at the ceiling were done in color. The rest of the colors can be done the way you want.

Approaches with light

  1. Дополнительное освещениеLight up. For low rooms, select lamps, which allow light to go up to the celling and be reflected from it. It is better if it is a flat and wide chandelier. You can reinforce the approach by hanging wall lights that will also shine the room up.
  2. Additional lighting around the perimeter. If you like light effects, this idea is sure to please you. Arrange the LED strip along the perimeter of the ceiling above the curb. It strengthens the lighting and can serve as a stand-alone lamp.


  1. Шторы в интнрьнреCurtains to help. With curtains, you can immediately apply several solutions. The first one is a ceiling cornice. The second one is the material. It should be light. The color must be neutral (not dark). The third solution is the correct selection of the picture. Curtains with a vertical pattern, as well as a pattern in the upper part of the fabric, are suitable. Visually, the wall will be lengthened even with a contrasting tape or a ruffle over the material.
  2. Attention to the furniture. High narrow furniture visually increases the ceiling. The massive and solid one, on the contrary, presses it down. Put a few light racks, and select the rest of the furniture in low size with lightweight design.
  3. Floor in the focus. The height of the ceiling would not be noticed if you pay attention to the floor. The simplest assistant is a bright original carpet. Changing the flooring, choose a beautiful dark color or an intricate pattern.
  4. Closer to the ceiling. Very simple and interesting decision – to hang as close to the ceiling as possible paintings, shelves and other wall attributes. This creates the illusion of high walls.

Low ceilings are not a problem, but an occasion to perform the interior of the room in an original way. Use proven designer moves, change the house, and create space with your own hands.

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