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“TRIORA” – The way to a cozy change

What is TRIORA? These is unusual designs, juicy ideas, bright changes and bold decisions. “TRIORA” – it is a cozy house, a cozy life.

We do not sell paints. Our goal is to breathe new life into your home:

  • share with the ideas of unique interiors;
  • bring a special zest to home life with the help of unusual textures;
  • add color to life.

       о бренде TRIORA      о бренде TRIORA

With the production of “TRIORA” it is easy to work either you make repair for the first time with your own hands or you are professional builder.

ТМ “TRIORA” appeared in 2003 and was one of the first companies, which presented water-based paint-and-lacquer materials of domestic production in Ukraine. “Quality is higher than price” – is the leading principle of the work of the trademark.

Today the brand is included to the TOP 5 popular brands, being a worthy competitor to foreign products.

The range includes materials for repair and decorative works – putty, plaster, primer, paint and lacquer. The products compliant with sanitary standards, are durable in service, hygienic and handy.

Tinting Studio “TRIORA” works in 60 cities of Ukraine. The paints could be tined in more than 900 shades, and those who are eager to experiments – can tine our products even with color pigments.

It is easy to change life with TRIORA!