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Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Why do designers return to the colors of the Pantone 2016?


Less than a season from the last presentation of Pantone colors 2018. It would seem that everything around should be only in fresh trendy shades … But, no. Colors of 2016 are increasingly encountered in the works of interior designers. Why did they fall in love and why do designers return to them repeatedly? Let’s investigate.

Always-Trendy Colors

What colors are so fond of customers and designers? It is about blue and pink. In fact, these two tones never went out of fashion. Moreover, they have always been considered as the most sought after ones. The Pantone lab contributed both of them to the trendy-colors of 2014 and 2015. Earlier there was necessarily one of these tones in the trend palettes.Цвета, которые всегда в тренде

Pantone Color Institute included a light shade of pink Rose Quartz and soft blue Serenity in the list of colors of the 2016 year. They are actively used now. These colors are gentle tone; you can clearly see the color in them. They have their own character and mood.Модные цвета

Pink and blue also remained in the most popular palette in 2017. Moreover, they performed in both pastel and bright shades. Pink was presented in the light tone of Pale Dogwood and juicy Pink Yarrow Raspberry. The blue one was presented in the Island Paradise and Saturated Niagara shades.Pantone 2017

Here we are in 2018 pink and blue are in the list of trendy colors again – Ballet Slipper and Marina. The new pink has become even more tender and lighter, and the new blue is brighter and more saturated. These colors are used in the interior design both for decorative details and for large items.

Why blue and pink are so fond by designers?

  • Light shades of pink and blue colors are acceptable both for men’s and women’s palettes. In a severe gray-brown atmosphere, a gentle blue can help to lighten the dark areas, and a cold shade of pink, unlike bright colors, adds to the interior some light and freshness.
  • Classical palette. Universal beige and white are complemented perfectly by delicate pink and blue details. Something that will never lose.
  • Blue and pink are combined with gray color elegantly. Gray is in 10 colors of Pantone in 2018. Therefore, you can apply both a hit of the New Year, and always-favorite shades.
  • Interior exhibitions of 2018 highlighted the popularity of the blue palette. All the shades of blue in the palette of the color laboratory for the last 3 years can be combined successfully.

голубой и розовый в интерьере Классическая палитра Светлые оттенки в интерьере

How to apply color trends in the design of modern housing?

Interior fashion allows bright colors using in various scales. You can safely paint one of the walls in blue, and the other in pink. Blue creates an atmosphere of serenity and lightness. Pink reminds of the dawn, beauty, and beginning. Together they create the ideal mood for home that comfortably embodies modern interior design.

These colors look beautifully in textile elements – curtains, upholstery, decorative details and dishes. White or light gray background of walls is a win-win for them. Blue and pink are not so popular in vain. This is an excellent solution for the unusual design of any of the rooms.

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