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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Why is it worth to paint the door in black: research


The question of the day: black doors – is it a mistake of the interior design or a very stylish solution? Both options have supporters. The denial of the black is understandable – you cannot argue with the classics, but the advantages of black doors should be considered in practice. Does the black doors look good? Let’s explore the using of the color.

Advantages of Black

Черные преимуществаLet’s start from the question: “How black color can be useful for us at all?” Here are the answers:

  1. It is always beautiful. Any black things – from the gadget to the dishes, look elegant and stylish.
  2. Hides shortcomings. Wherever black is used, it always saves the situation. Black clothing – slims, black paint – hides the flaws of the surface. There are no visible scuffs and random spots on black furniture.
  3. Looks excellent with any colors. It is one of the few colors you cannot doubt in. It harmonizes everywhere and with everything.

Finally, this year black color is on the list of the most popular colors for the interior. Therefore, there is a reason to apply it on the door. Shall we try?

The best door is a black door

Лучшая дверь – черная дверьLet’s consider the most successful options for using black doors in the interiors.

  1. The color ennobles the old doors. Are interior doors already old, there is no a part of your plan to change them? Paint the door with the black enamel. What are the advantages?
  • Black enamel evenly covers any previous coating of the doors.
  • Shine gives the doors elegance and some nobility. If you also add fashionable door handles, the effect surprises you.

A similar technique can be applied for the simple white doors made of particleboard. Painted in black, they immediately get expensiveness and chic.

  1. Black saves the situation. This helps if the door is not a part of the general idea of ​​the room interior. Painted in black, it looks neat in any style.
  2. The ceilings become higher. Practice confirms – narrow black doors visually increase the height of the premises. Add a couple of narrow black frames on the wall for balance.
  3. The door is the guarantor of the harmony. Often there are many black parts in the house. Black pattern on the carpet, TV screen, flowerpot, monitor and keyboard. Do you want to turn all this into a composition? Paint the doors in black. You will be surprised, but the interior immediately become complete.
  4. Simple and practical. Black doors do not get dirty. More precisely, they never give you away if you forget to wash the doors. They do not notice fingerprints and other consequences of household affairs. They always look good. If the pet accidentally scratches the door, you can hide small lesions under the black nail polish or a marker.

How to paint the door in black?

The following materials are suitable for painting the doors:

  • Black enamel PF-115. It is the easiest way. The enamel could be applied to any surface, gives a beautiful rich color and shine. From the disadvantages – an unpleasant smell. If the situation allows a prolonged airing, you can apply this enamel.
  • Azure by TRIORA, the “Ebony” color. It is ideal for painting the natural wooden surfaces. It protects the wood, gives it a rich color, shine, and emphasizes the texture.
  • Semi-matt and matt interior paints by TRIORA. Previously, these paints must be tined in black. It is better to apply them to the cleared wood in several layers. After drying, the door should be covered with the acrylic lacquer. This strengthen the color coating and extend its service.

As our research has proved, black doors are beautiful, practical, universal and appropriate for any interior. Try this bold solution in you interior design and become the founder of the style for your friends.Как покрасить двери в черный?

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