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Structural silicone plaster “lamb” TRIORA

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Product value:
• The service life of the coating is at least 15 years.
• Resistant to alkali. Recommended in coastal and industrial areas
• The combination of silicone resins forms a surface with high vapor permeability
• Easy to structure


For protection and decoration of surfaces with high operational load outside and indoors, as well as for use as a finishing layer in a thermal insulation system using polystyrene foam boards. It forms a characteristic grooved surface, creating the “lamb” effect. Method of application:

Surface preparation:
• The surface must be clean, dry, firm and fat free.
• Surfaces previously coated with chalk, adhesive, lime or organosilicon paint should be cleaned until the old coating is completely removed.
• Fresh cement plasters can be processed no earlier than after 28 days
• If there is mold or fungus on the surface, it must be removed using the Bio-Protective Agent TM TRIORA
• The base must not have hollows or indentations greater than 2 mm
• For priming crumbling, as well as intensely absorbing surfaces (aerated concrete, gypsum) use the Primer strengthening deep penetration TM TRIORA

MANDATORY: apply adhesive on the surface of the Quartz primer under TM TRIORA plaster, tinted in the color of the plaster. It evens out the color of the substrate and improves adhesion to the plaster. Application:
• Stir thoroughly before use
• Apply undiluted or, if necessary, dilute with water to a working viscosity (not more than 1%)
• Using a stainless steel spatula, apply to the prepared base from bottom to top on the grain size. After the applied plaster ceases to adhere to the tool, it is possible to form a “lamb” structure
• Treat the surface with a plastic grater in a selected direction parallel to the surface to be treated.

Important! Subject to the application technology, the coating will last 10-15 years.

Precautions, storage and disposal: Keep away from children! In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water. Protect from frost. Store in a dry and cool place at a temperature not lower than + 5 ° С and not higher than + 35 ° С, protected from direct sunlight. Dispose of closed containers with product residues in organized collection points for household waste.


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