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Monday, 11 June 2018

Scandinavian style in the kitchen: five features


What the right kitchen should be like? Functional and beautiful, convenient for the host and comfortable for the residents. The kitchen in the Scandinavian style can manage these tasks. Why the minimalism of the Nordic countries are so lovely? How to embody it in our interiors? You can find the answers in the five main features of this style.

Mood – Scandinavian style

The main features of the Scandinavian style are simplicity of the environment, plenty of light, natural materials. Moreover, the kitchen in Scandinavian style has obligatory specific features.

Feature № 1. Only white ceiling

белый потолокScandinavian style in the kitchen in 2018 allows bright colors using, but for accent walls creating. However, Scandinavian interior does not provide the color ceiling at all. The color changing is the style changing. The Scandinavian style ceiling is flat and white. By the way, it is a big plus – the light is scattered well in the room what makes it lighter. Are you worried that such a ceiling in the kitchen is impractical? Use a washable paint. The semi-matt paint by TRIORA with a light shine or façade matt paint by TRIORA are suitable. These materials have the highest attrition class. So even if suddenly oil from the frying pan splashes on the ceiling, you can eliminate it quickly and without loss.

Feature № 2. Walls for convenience

Выгодный вариант для неровных стенScandinavian interior design does not require you to pretentiousness and jewelry work in the decoration of the walls. The best option is to paint the walls in white, gray or pastel shades with semi-matt paint by TRIORA.

A good option for uneven walls is to apply structural paint with a roller. You get a rough surface, which emphasizes the negligence of style and hide the flaws of the walls. Structural paint is washable; it always can be updated by simple painting, which is an obvious plus for kitchens.

Feature № 3. Focus on kitchen apron

кухня в скандинавском стилеOriginally, the unfinished walls in the kitchens were normal state of things in the Scandinavian style. In a modern room, they can be recreated. Brick masonry can be simulated with the help of structural paint or façade putty by TRIORA. Then you can paint it in the color of bricks, and apply lacquer. This coating has a high resistance to dirt and damage, identical to tiles, but it looks more individual and characteristic. By the way, unlike tiles, it can be repainted any time you want.

Feature № 4. Simple furniture

мебель белого цветаBuying furniture, prefer simple geometric shapes, natural wood or its artificial counterparts. White furniture is suitable. No pretentious facades, glass inserts and shiny accessories. In such kitchens, a painted pallet is more suitable then a soft sofa. Where is an advantage? It allows you to save on furniture and prove yourself in creativity, creating a sitting or table with your own hands.

Feature № 5. WITHOUT curtains

кухня без шторAgree, this is very practical for the kitchen. Curtains get dirty quickly, but the window shutters are conveniently and in perfect harmony with the Scandinavian style. The key factor of selection is white color and maximum level of simplicity.

Scandinavian style is ideal if you want to create a relaxed atmosphere in the house. It does not commit to anything, allows easy negligence and forgives small shortcomings. This style of cozy freedom perfectly imbues modern kitchens. It can be simply realized in everyday life. Why not to take advantage of this current trend?

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