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Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Such a popular loft: five steps to paint a brick wall


Brick serves not just like a building material, but also like a real basis for popular loft-interiors creating. This original industrial style in modern houses is impossible without the brickwork. The more interesting the walls are decorated, the more expressive the loft interior design looks. Let’s talk about how to improve a brick just in five steps and turn it out into an interior style element.лофт

Surface preparation. Three steps of the required works

Brick is a mineral porous material. It actively absorbs applied varnishes and paints, dirt and dust. Therefore, before you paint a brick wall, evaluate its condition.

  1. If the building is not new and the walls have been previously painted, remove all previous coatings from the surfaces. Take the brush and remove the old paint from the brick. Repainting does not work, because the old layer begins to slough with time, crumble and spoil a new coating.
  2. After cleaning, sweep the walls; wash them with soapy water and leave to dry. Any material falls well on a clean and dry surface.
  3. Apply a deep penetration primer by TRIORA. It penetrates into the surface to a depth of 5 mm and firmly bonds all the micro particles. The primed brick does not crumble and absorb the paint. Consumption of paints decreases, and you get an even coating.

Therefore, we have already completed the first three steps. Now the most interesting thing remains.

How to paint a wall? Step 4: Choose the style

стиль лофт лофт в интерьере Серые стены с эффектом металлик

Nothing is holding back your flight of ideas here! You can leave the brickwork overall wall, you can use the brick only in segments – on columns, in transitions. The latest fashionable painting styles:

  • Carelessly painted white wall. By the way, in addition to the loft, this decoration looks very beautiful in the style of Provence, suitable as an accent for the Scandinavian. Doing it is a simple thing because you do not need very scrupulous work.
  • Gray walls with a metallic effect. The effect is created in two stages – the main wall is painted with gray paint, and after it is drying, the decorative material with gloss is applied. For example, the silver TOP Lasur by TRIORA creates a light elegant shine.
  • The effect of natural red brick. For the main coating, you need to choose the desired color from the brown-red paints. When the wall dries, separately stain the seams with white or light paint.

What to do if the house is paneled, but you really want a brick in the interior? – An excellent practical solution is the imitation of brickwork. You can impose on the wall the usual tiles-bricks. You can use the plaster and create a pattern of bricks yourself. All the work is shown in detail in the video “Travertine Effect”. Work on the forces even beginners, and the effect is stunning!

What to paint a wall with? Step 5: select the material

If you work with natural brick, it is better to use the façade paint by TRIORA. It is based on water, safe and suitable for living quarters. If you work with a wall in those rooms where is no heating all year round (the country, the summer kitchen or the loggia), the façade paint is also suitable. It is designed for difficult weather condition. It can withstand any temperature changes.

фасадная краска TRIORAлазурь для дереваинтерьерная краска TRIORA

As for materials for works inside the house, you can use acrylic interior paints by TRIORA, lazure for wood based on water and lacquers.

Are you ready to create your own special loft style? Now, we are sure, you can succeed!

стиль лофтособенный стиль лофт

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