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Monday, 18 June 2018

Thixotropic Paints Secrets: what is it and why should it be used?


Do you know what thixotropic paints are? It is possible that you have already worked with them, but you have not figured out the main advantage. Thixotropic paints – is a real find for those who like clean repair and perfect results. Why? We tell all about the advantages of thixotropic paints.

What the thixotropic paint is?

It is a paint and lacquer material, which changes its viscosity in different states. In the initial state, the paint is thick, but it becomes liquid and easy to apply when it is mixed actively. While you are applying the material to the wall, it keeps spreading, but as soon as you remove the roller or brush, the paint instantly “grabs” to the surface and freezes.

Thixotropy is a key property that changes the level of density. Materials with this feature can be recognized visually in an open jar. In the initial state, they resemble fatty sour cream, whereas usual acrylic paints look more like yogurt.

Why thixotropy is necessary?

Thixotropic paints are beneficial for several reasons:

  • thick paint is easier to apply, it does not drain;
  • there is no residue from the brush or roller after applying;
  • the paint does not splash, drip, hands and floor do not get dirty – clean repair is guaranteed;
  • material is not wasted due to accidental sprinkles;
  • after drying, the paint does not form streaks and sagging, and you obtain a smooth layer.

Where acrylic thixotropic paints could be used? In any painting works, especially on vertical surfaces. Ideal for painting ceilings, convenient for walls.

Important! Typically, thixotropic paints do not need to be diluted. When there is more than 10% ,of water added, the material loses its properties and become completely unsuitable for using. You can dilute the paint up to 20% only if you apply it with the help of spray gun or use material for the surface priming. In most cases, just mix the paint before applying.

How to find thixotropic paint?

The thixotropy is indicated on the label on some materials, such as deep-matt paint by TRIORA. In addition, the property “does not splash” is indicated. Mostly, this advantage is inherent in all materials by TRIORA. Therefore, by giving preference to our brand, you will not go wrong and get the desired thixotropic material.

If you decide to color thixotropic paint by TRIORA, be sure to contact our specialized color studios. Only with the help of special techniques, it is possible to achieve the desired color and avoid excess material in the paint.

Details about paints with thixotropic properties you can find in information clips:

Picking up the material for repair with the maximum number of practical properties, you provide an easy job and a beautiful result. Thixotropic paints are clearly a good choice for repair.

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