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Friday, 27 April 2018

TOP-6 the most fashionable colors from the TRIORA catalog


How to choose the best color from thousands? You can take a palette and flip it until you find the one you want or you can try on one of the six most fashionable colors of the TRIORA catalog in your interior. They look good in different designs, favorably combined with other shades and remain relevant for many years.

  1. Red Sasha, 262A

Красный Саша, 262А

The summer berry shade of red is on the list of the most fashionable colors of Pantone this year. In the palette of interior paints of TRIORA, it is popular for more than a year. Since people began to use bright colors in the dwelling actively and creatively decorate the interiors of public places, Red Sasha has always been in demand. This bright and energetic color will “turn on” any interior! Red is ideal for creating accent zones and adding juicy details to the interior.

  1. Salad, 1073T

Салат, 1073Т

The color of the first spring greens is very close to the trendy shade of Pantone in 2017 – Greenery. Such lovely color of fresh Salad does not lose popularity today. It looks great in the hallways, on the verandas, in the offices. It emphasizes light colors in a combined color. It is better to apply Salad as a color-accent. Experience has shown that the room completely painted with this shade looks too bright and requires a color balance. At least it should have one white wall for balance.

  1. Petal of asters, 5151R

Лепесток астры, 5151Р

Soft purple color is ideal for bedrooms. It pacifies, promotes a good rest. It looks good in a velvety matte coating, which can be created with the help of deep matt paint by TRIORA. The rough surface adds a touch of depth and luxury. Petal asters can be used on large areas. White details or dark plum colors emphasize this shade well.

  1. Classic silk, 5011R

Классический шелк, 5011Р

If you need 100% practical interior paint, it is better to buy the material in the light beige color. It is always a topical classic, suitable for any room, style and design. It never goes out of fashion. Moreover, most often, acrylic paints by TRIORA are tined in this tone. Beige can be used in basic interiors as the main color or as a soft tone to shade more juicy details.

  1. The Sunny Miracle, 1013D

Солнечное чудо, 1013D

Yellow is ideal for dark rooms on the north side of the house. Visually it warms the room, adds light. Yellow details in the interiors creating is the perfect practice. They make bright and juicy glare, make the house cozier. If you want to make a house fashionable, choose yellow – do not go wrong. By the way, this is the color of the spring by Pantone 2018.

  1. Brown saddle, 141A

Коричневое седло, 141А

If brown seems boring to you, then you just did not see it in the palette of TRIORA. The warm as hot chocolate color, will make any room cozy. Using brown in solar rooms, it is the most beneficial practice. Therefore, it looks richer and more expressive. In addition – it is an ideal base for creating bright and comfortable combinations. Blue, salad, pink, orange – all these bright colors look great with the brown saddle.

Well, did you find the color of your future interior? Color studios of TRIORA will help you to tine the paint into the desired shade.

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