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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

The colors 2018 by TRIORA: how to use them?


The Pantone Color Institute has already presented us the color palette of 2018. While scientists worked on fashionable shades through long research, our specialists already used them in the palette of colors by TRIORA. We have prepared our own options of the most popular colors of this season. So what about the fashionable colors in the interior?

  • Sashai Red, 262A

Красный Саша, 262АThe fiery red is better to use in the interior with pointwise way, adding in small amounts, gradually lighting the room. This red looks great as a detail in the picture on the wall, in decorative textiles and glass.

  • Red purple, 193A

Красный пурпур, 193АDark burgundy with a plum tint gives the room a nobility. It is better to use it in bold combination with dark green, beautifully complemented with white and gray colors, combined with natural wood.

  • Lavander Posy, 6151Р

Букет лаванды, 6151РThe most delicate pink is combined with most colors perfectly. It is relevant in the bedroom, living room and kitchen. You can use a bouquet of lavender as the main shade of the walls, as well as in small details.

  • Seclusion Blue, 201 A

Голубое уединение, 201АA saturated blue color looks better in sunny, well-lit rooms. So that the room does not look gloomy, it is necessary to counter the blue light shade – white, beige.

  • Honeynut, 5042T

Орех с медом, 5042ТA soft and warm caramel shade is perfect for kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. It acts as a profitable common background for brighter accent details of the interior. It looks interesting with green, blue and brown colors.

  • Gray dawning, 4201T

Серый рассвет, 4201ТIf you do not know which color to choose, choose gray. It is suitable for any room; it looks beneficial in combination both with bright and pastel shades. Gray is always a fashionable and win-win option.

  • Green Gable, 121A

Зеленый франтон, 121АA dark green color requires special surroundings. What do you need? Good lighting, brown, beige and white colors and natural wood. For details, it is better to use copper and gold.

  • Willow branch, 3083D

Ветвь ивы, 3083DLight green with a light olive-golden shine looks perfectly in the house. It can be used without fear for walls and large pieces of the furniture. The light wood, classic black and white combinations accentuate an expressive and warm color.

  • Shipside Blue, 3202T

Голубой борт, 3202ТPsychologists say that blue positively influences a person, pacifies, and adds joyful emotions. Boldly use it for walls in combination with white color and warm wood details. Such an interior is never become bored.

  • Autumn Flame, 7083 D

Осеннее пламя, 7083 DDo you need energy and positive? The orange palette of autumn brings joy at any time of the year. The main thing – do not forget about the reasonable ratio of colors and dilute the orange harmoniously. The best companions of this shade are white, blue, green and brown.

  • Wild Iris, 5163 D

Дикий ирис, 5163 DOh, this ultraviolet! Designers espouse fearlessly using the hit of 2018 in the interiors. What is important? – Good lighting and spacious room. The color looks more profitable with it. Can be combined with white, gray, green and blue.

  • Ebony Blue, 163A

Эбеновый с голубым, 163АThis unusual color is also called “black indigo”. Like all dark colors, it requires a lot of light and a spectacular combination. If you decide to paint the walls with this color, use light colors for the floor and for the ceiling. The light upholstered furniture perfectly emphasizes the color of the interior.

Most of these shades are combined well with basic interior colors – white, gray and beige. Some colors create very beautiful unusual combinations.

TRIORA colors due to the quality of the composition could be tinted well in any shade. The color is transmitted, good in the applying to the surface; create coatings of deep saturated colors. Paints could be matte and with a light elegant shine. The color looks with its own way for every type of paints; can also be combined originally.

If the newfangled shade wearies you, the wall is always could be update easily. You just need to repaint it on the top. In most shades, TRIORA paints are guaranteed to cover old coatings up. Take the risk – and be in the trend.

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