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Monday, 19 February 2018

Oriental Style: color features of design


As far back as the 18th century, restrained Europe fell in love with full of charm and contradictions Asia. Since then, the original culture harmoniously blended into our everyday life. One of its vivid incarnations was the Oriental style of interiors. What kind of style is it? How to understand its unusual color palette and whether it is possible to apply it in our houses? All answers are in the article by TRIORA.

1000 and 1 nuances of the oriental style

1000 и 1 нюанс восточного стиляOriental style in the interior was able to assemble the centuries-old traditions of different countries of the South-West and the South-East Asia. Israel, India, Turkey, China, Japan, Morocco and other are amount them… Taking into account some of the distinctive features of cultures, the characteristic design of the interiors is divided into two directions – Arabic and Asian styles. What is the difference?

  • Arabic is characterized by chic, an abundance of details and decor. Remember the scope of the United Arab Emirates – this is a vivid example.
  • Asian is more restrained, simple and practical. It is conveyed well by the traditional interior in Japanese style.

At the same time, all directions of the Oriental style have clearly expressed common features:

  • Natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramics, glass, silk;
  • Simple forms;
  • Mobile partitions;
  • Low compact furniture;
  • Ornaments, painting;
  • Mosaic, carving in decorative elements.

A separate riddle of the East is colors. With the help of colors, it is possible to make an emphasis to create the atmosphere and character of the room. In the Arab and Asian interiors, the palettes are completely different. It can be a real explosion of hot colors in one interior and soft colors with bright accents in another. If you want to recreate the Oriental style with your own hands, it is important not to get confused in color combinations and to arrange shades in the interior correctly.

Color code of the East

Цветовой код ВостокаWhat colors are appropriate in the Oriental style interior? Use the associative prompt. The East is a land of amazing nature, spices, brocade, silk, gold and jewelry. From this colorful variety the interior of the room in the Arabic style are weaved. Three important nuances:

  1. Use white, gray, sand, light brown, warm colors of spices and dried herbs color as the main color of the interior.
  2. Vivid accents could be made with the help of terracotta, yellow, purple and red colors. Do not forget about the shades of precious and semiprecious stones – emerald, sapphire, ruby, and aquamarine.
  3. Choose up to four colors that are advantageously combined one with another. For example, red, yellow, celestial and purple.

The Asian style is slightly more reserved and has two characteristic color palettes:Азиатский стиль немного сдержаннее и имеет 2 характерные палитры цветов

  • If you are impressed by Japan, then at the heart of the interior no more than two colors of natural origin shout be. For example, white and brown, white and black, sand and green. The Japanese try not to oversaturate the home with colors.
  • The Chinese interior is less constrained by shades. As in Arabic, it is possible to use bright colors abundantly. At the same time, all of them must perfectly match with each other. For example, blue-white can be supplemented with brown or sand. Here colors are combined mainly in ornaments and drawings.

Correctly chosen color formulas of the oriental style bring more emotion to our housing; add the mysterious spirit of the unknown countries. Is it be appropriate? – Yes, of course! The most vivid and unusual combinations of colors in the interiors of 2018 are maintained. While designers think what offer to customers, you can experimentally create your own exclusive Oriental style.

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