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Friday, 25 May 2018

How to decorate a house based on seasonal color analysis?


We all at least once have made seasonal color analysis. However, just a few of us have used its result in daily life. Although, in fact, you can use this knowledge everywhere. For example, if you choose the color scheme of the interior by the seasonal color analysis of the tenants, they look great in their home and feel maximum psychological comfort. Is it already interesting? Then read the details.цветотип тест

How to apply seasonal color analysis in the interior?

The color type is seen not only in the appearance of a person, but also in its character and emotional temperament. Therefore, even without knowing a person closely, you can have a clue about ​​its personality. Interior designers take into account the type of their customer selecting style, color scheme and choosing unique accent details because color psychology in interior design is gaining momentum today.


прованс в интерьере

This type includes blonde-haired and light-brown people, with gray, green and gray-blue eyes. They are elegant; they love beautiful things, natural materials.

The perfect summer palette is cold and muted colors of dusty shades. From the drawings fit ornaments, floral prints, and symmetrical patterns. Interior design in the traditional classical or transitional style is suitable for summer type people. They love Provence and Country with elements of antiquity. These styles perfectly underline the seasonal atmosphere.

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стиль шале в интрьере

Autumn people are distinguished by dark hair with a rusty hue and bright eyes. They strive for self-development; they do not tire of learning and knowing, appreciate art.

Autumn color-type uses warm, saturated tones. The cozy atmosphere, handmade elements, decorative details with a sense and their history such as handmade pot, blanket knitted by mother or a picture brought from a travel are valuable. Furniture from natural materials, soft dense fabrics, yellow metals are welcomed. The Chalet style or cozy maximalism are appropriate.

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ар-деко в интерьере

Those ones who belong to the winter have dark hair and eyes. These emotional passionate individuals value extreme and new sensations.

For a winter interior, it is worth choosing cold and clean color of paint, without shades and impurities. The most popular patterns are clear geometric shapes. In the decoration, choose structural coatings, reliefs. The winter atmosphere in the house appreciates restraint, impeccable combination of colors and materials. Suitable styles for winter are minimalism and art deco.


шинуазри в интерьере

Dark blond and blue-eyed people are representatives of a spring color. They love movement, energy, all kinds of novelties.

Best of all they like modern fashionable interior. It can be loft, boho-vintage, or chinoiserie. What color to choose for the spring people interior decoration? It should be warm and juicy tone. The design uses original accents, a combination of different materials, bright lighting.

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The interior according to the seasonal color analysis is a good way to create a comfortable environment that uniquely impress the residents.

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