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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

How to make an expressive neutral interior?


Modest design and interior in pastel colors – it is too boring, isn’t it? – Not at all! Neutral interiors create an ideal background for the “character” environment. Right beautiful details are needed. Listen to the advice of designers.

Textiles for help

выразительные шторыThe easiest solution for any interior is working with textiles. It is enough to change the upholstery of furniture and hang a picture to make the house looks different. What can be done?

  • Shade the color of the walls with textile curtains

Find a shade that accentuates the color of the walls. It can be blue for beige, tender pink for light gray, peach for white. It is not necessary to take bright shades. The pastel shade of the contrasting color is also an excellent solution. It is better to combine warm and cool colors. Therefore, the environment is more harmonious, and the gamma of shades is balanced.

  • Use materials with patterns

It can be fabrics with expressive texture, carpets with a cut in a pile pattern, embroidered or embossed elements. The pattern can be created due to the relief or contrast of colors. Therefore, the usual neutral color in the interior looks much more interesting

Correct accents

Правильные акцентыHow to diversify the interior design? Let’s recall the principle the paintings in galleries are exhibited by – only white background. The same technique can be used at home.

  • Use flashy accessories

Neutral color in the interior is ideal for home art galleries, photo exhibitions and collectors’ expositions. Choose interesting and expressive exhibits; place them in the advantageous and the most visible part of the room. Therefore, they will surely make your interior.

  • Contrast element

Red sofa in the white room, black tiles in the corridor, golden lamp of unusual design – anything can be the accent. The main thing is that it is a bright spot of the interior and it does not irritate the eye. It is better to use large accents in corridor rooms, bathrooms or kitchens. Leave small parts for bedrooms and living rooms.

  • Furniture with luxurious details

It is actual where there is a classic interior. The carved chairs, chairs with a dark wood frame or buffets in retro style, can complement light walls and a restrained design. Even if the tone of furniture upholstery repeats the tone of the walls, the rich details transform the interior.

  • An unusual composition

Take a few similar details and build an interesting composition. It is important that it is not just a collection of elements, but also an expression of individuality. For example, coffee drinkers can put on a jar of coffee beans, an author’s cup and a small coffee pot brought by relatives from Brazil on a coffee table. Things should be interesting, attract attention, and create an atmosphere.

Consider a bright background in the apartment, like a canvas for an exquisite masterpiece creating. This will allow you to easily change the boring accents, express your creativity, and surprise the guests with a neutral interior.нейтральный интерьер

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