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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Japanese style and design of the bathroom


The amazing country of the rising sun inspire designers to create unique interiors. This style is most popular in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and among the latest trends – the Japanese style in the bathroom interior. It looks great in modern bathrooms, and if you have been thinking about repairing the bathroom for a long time, we recommend you to stay exactly on the Japanese style.

What is characteristic of the Japanese-style baths?

Что характерно ваннам в японском стиле?

  1. The boundaries. In bathrooms in Japan, it is common to divide the washstand, shower and bath into separate zones. In the bathroom of a modern apartment, you can delimit the bath with the help of a frosted glass partition. The sliding system also could be used if the size of the room allows.
  2. Conciseness. The design of the bathroom in the Japanese style provides as little as possible superfluous details in the atmosphere. Ideally, for a modern bathroom – make a built-in closet, where you can hide all the variegated jars of hygiene products and towel dryers. Do not disturb the beauty of peace.
  3. Natural materials. Japanese bathrooms trimmed with wood and stone. For those one, who decided to make an interior in the Japanese style with their own hands, we recommend using a tile for the walls and floor. There is a large selection of pottery with imitation stones or bamboo – it is effectively and conveniently in the care. If you still want some natural materials, use the wood for the skin of the bathroom.
  4. Bronze metal. Handles, mixers, holders for towels – all must be made in bronze color. Gold excites the peace of Japanese style, and white metal is too cold for it.
  5. Soft light. Japanese style in the bathroom provides a soft and diffuse light. It is better to use the fixtures around the perimeter of the room and choose the lamps of yellow light.
  6. Warm and harmonious colors. Beige, pearl, milk, coffee and the color of sand or caramel – all colors, which are associated with warmth and peace, are appropriate. For contrast, you can use brown. Red and green would be good for small bright accents.

How else can you emphasize the geography of the style? Decorative panels of tiles, where the mountains are depicted, with a straw mat or a rattan mat on the floor, green plants in pots. Japanese style is so beautiful in its embodiment, which deservedly belongs to the list of popular bathroom designs in 2017.

The bathroom in the Japanese style is an island of seclusion. Here you can get rid of the day’s hardships or, on the contrary, revive the strength for a productive day. By creating an islet of the Far East in your bathroom, you will get a fashionable interior and a cozy place of nirvana.дизайнов ванной 2017

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