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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The painting of the facades


Что в фасадах нынче в трендеWhen the summer is nearing the finale, it is time to think about repairing the façade of your beloved home. The optimal type of the work is painting. The owner is able to paint the facade with his own hands, and the result will please for many years. How to start preparing? First, you need an idea. We are ready to help you with that.

What is in the trend of the facades finishing today?

Today, the houses compete not for wealth and kitsch design, but for its elegance and expressiveness. In the trend of this year:

  • Using of the natural materials or their analogues.
  • Individual design of the facade.
  • Free combinations of styles and ways of design.

How is it better to paint the façade and what color to choose?

Designers carefully prepared for us the latest season preferences. The trend is white, beige, cream colored. If you want a bright color, use its light shades.

You can paint the house monochrome, in one color; you can arrange the color accents. There are proposals for the material combination. We have selected the most successful ideas for the design of facades.

Idea 1. Snow-white classics

Белый фасадWhite is always out of the competition. With it, the building looks elegant; the color could be complemented beautifully with the details of wood, stone or metal. That is disturbing the question, how to paint the facade and permanently preserve the purity of color? Choose a material with high abrasion resistance and resistance to detergents. Weatherproof façade paint by TRIORA protects the surface from the penetration of the moisture, does not wash off after numerous vagaries of weather, and admits air perfectly without interfering with walls breathing.

Idea 2. Holiday of the colors.

Покрасить дом краскойWhat color of the house would you like to have? The variety of colors of paints is so diverse that it is possible to choose for the house any color you like. Pay attention, whether it would be combined well with the roof covering, so as not to disturb the harmony.

An important point: in large areas in daylight, the colors look lighter than on the stains in the store. Also, pay attention to the fact that the paint was resistant to UV radiation and did not burn out.

Idea 3. Relief drawing

Рельефный рисунокThe structural paint by TRIORA could help here. It is elastic, does not drain and allows you to apply the pattern quickly with the help of the special spatulas. The result is a beautiful structure, a long coating service and additional wall protection. In the color version two-color design, when a new layer of color coating is applied over the tinted paint will be interesting to look.

Idea 4. Combination of the materials

Комбинация материаловThe combination of the materials is a great idea for those who want to insure the bottom of the façade from pollution. The house is painted in two stages. The lower part of the facade is covered with the decorative stone or brick up to a height of 1,5 meters. All the rest of the walls are covered with paint. It is better to use contrasting colors of the materials to emphasize each of the types of decor.

Idea 5. Drawing on the walls

стрит-артFashionable street art now grows into a real art. Moreover, the wall of the house is an ideal canvas to create on its surfaces. Paint the facade with one-color paint, leave it to dry – and proceed to the artwork. You can ask professionals for help, and you can use the master classes and decorate the house with your own hands.

If you approach creativity, the painting will transform the house and the whole plot in an amazing way. In addition, the work pleased you for many years, choose high-quality materials with a guarantee of long service and adhere to the basic rules of application.

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