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Monday, 7 August 2017

Interior of bedroom 2017: design ideas


The creating of the bedroom interior design – it is a combination of the psychology, creativity and fashion. Are you standing on the verge of repair and wondering about how to decorate the bedroom? – The best way is to pick up fresh design solutions to your personal wishes. This article collects the trends of 2017, as well as the most interesting options for the design of the modern bedrooms.Идеи оформления спальни

Four pillars of a modern bedroom

  • Space. From the psychological point of view, space in the room gives a person a sense of freedom. The more free space in the bedroom, the more comfortable it is for rest.
  • Ergonomic furniture and furniture-transformer. Furniture should occupy a minimum of space and give a maximum of functions. Use hidden places of storage of things, built-in furniture or fashionable now open cloakrooms around the perimeter of the room in the interior.
  • Natural materials. Wood, wool, textiles, as well as country motifs – this is what prevails in the works of the designers, pushing out the metal, glass and plastic.
  • Color arrangement. Green, blue, navy-blue, pink are the best colors for the bedroom this season. Fresh and smoky, they look expressively, and do not irritate the eye, what helps to relax. The most interesting solution is a combination of blue, gray and turquoise colors.Четыре столпа современной спальни

Zest of the Land of Nod

It has been said that details are important. They, so stylish and catchy, create the mood and atmosphere of the bedroom design. In the new season, such repair solutions have distinguished:

  • Sculptural wall. A beautiful relief on the wall could be created with the help of the structural paint by «TRIORA». It is apply to the surface easily. To create a volumetric drawing use a conventional spatula, rollers for decorative works and even such tools as sponges and brushes.
  • Piece of «loft». Traditional for the loft style “naked” walls in the new season are one of the original solutions for the design of the bedroom. Put on a piece of brick wall in the frame, turning the brick into a decorative element. An even concrete wall could be decorated, chaotically covered with a thin layer of paint over a non-puttied surface.
  • Bed on the podium. If you plan to buy furniture in the bedroom, order a bed on the podium. Now, it is the height of fashion, and, as the bonus, under the bed you can store a whole wardrobe, saving space.
  • Original details on a background of humble design. Fur lamps, wicker rugs, knitted bedspreads –modern bedroom loves non-ordinary objects.
  • Hand made products. Embroideries, hand-made articles, drawings – everything done by yourself is the best trend in the design of the bedroom this year. Ideas for this could be found in the Internet and on the creative master classes.Изюминки сонного царства

The design of this year’s bedrooms is laid-back style, natural materials, and rational using of space. This room is convenient and individual. It creates a wide scope for art. Do you feel the desire for change? We are sure you will succeed!

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