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Friday, 8 June 2018

Green in the interior: which shade to choose?


Green has two trump cards: it is the most comfortable color for the eyes and never goes out of fashion. It would seem, a weighty argument to use green in the interior actively. However, in practice, everything is more complicated: the color hue affects its perception in the environment. Misplaced with the right tone selection, you can just mess up the interior. Let us turn to the experience of designers and learn how to choose the right colors for our houses.

Rules for working with green hues

Conventionally, all shades of green can be divided into groups: pure green, dark green, light green. All other tones – it is just green with a predominance of a certain shade, such as yellow, blue or gray.

Pure green

зеленый в интерьере

Bright and beautiful color, full of living energy. Creates a joyful atmosphere in the room.

Where to use pure color?

  • Living rooms;
  • Bedrooms;
  • Children’s;
  • Hallways;
  • Public institutions.

In rooms with good light, on the sunny side of the room, pure green looks the most advantageous way.

What to combine this color with?

  • White, blue, yellow, purple, orange colors, with contrasting shades of green.
  • Glass, plastic, white metal, lightwood.

Possible tricks with a pure green color:

  • Use it in decorative details: dishes, textiles.
  • Like the color of walls or accent walls.

It is important: separate pure green with other colors, avoid the monochrome of one shade. Interior design with an abundance of green become tiresome quickly and can subsequently irritate.

Dark green shades

Темно-зеленые оттенки в интерьере Темно-зеленые оттенки

This group includes coniferous, grassy, ​​deciduous – all deep and rich colors of green. They are associated with stability, reliability, and well-being.

Where to use the dark green color?

  • Classrooms;
  • Kitchens;
  • Living rooms;
  • Bathrooms;

What to combine this color with?

  • White, cream, brown colors.
  • Warm color if wood;
  • Yellow metals.

Look how spectacularly the dark green interior on the photo looks with these details. With the right application, it gives the apartment an effective nobility.

Light green shades

Светло-зеленые оттенки Светло-зеленые оттенки в интерьере

In this palette yellowish-green tones, and colors with a bluish tinge such as everyone’s favorite mint, menthol, olive, and pistachio come across. These are the most comfortable colors of green, pleasantly perceived and do not require complex solutions.

Where to use light green colors?

  • They are suitable in any room.
  • Colors with a shade of yellow is better to apply in cold rooms.
  • Colors with a shade of blue – in the rooms on the sunny side.

What to combine this color with?

  • Light tones – if you want a quiet, soft interior.
  • Bright colors – if you need to add energy to your room.

Three rules for the successful color using

  1. правила удачного применения цветаChoose a shade carefully. We all remember the uncomfortable green the house entrances are painted with. Try not to repeat it in a dwelling. Take into account the illumination, the neighboring tones.
  2. Be sure to divide the green in the interior. The simplest rule is to add white or conditionally white. For example, between a green wall and a carpet there should be a light skirting board and a laminate.
  3. If you do not know how to combine color, combine with the same shade, but less saturated or brighter. Such a device never loses.

Balanced decision of the choosing green color in the interior is good. The main thing is to use it correctly and choose the shades that will accentuate the advantages of the room.

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